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services for startups

We help you discover what principled investors are looking for and support you to deliver that to them.

Services for statups


for funding strategy advisory

Pitch Decks

to ensure sharp clarity

Market Research


Business collaborations

and Partnerships

Business Development

and Advisory


and/or Round Raising

Projections & Valuations

to streamline numbers

Handholding to work on the right investment strategy for your business.

A team under your wing that brings to the table the ideal investors, who’s expectations match your vision. 

A clear roadmap to achieve the ideal investors’ expectations without compromising your original business plan. 

The funding you need in a systematic, structured and transparent manner.

what does your startup get as a result of working with us? 

We understand your investment philosophy and investment strategy to bring to the table well-curated startups and growth companies to consider investing in. 

You get the opportunity and access to invest in promising start-ups through India's number one angel fund; Venture Catalysts; and in Earlyseed Venture's curated, portfolio companies.

services for investors


for Private Equity


and Documentation

Support to structure

Startup Investments

Enabling Review

meetings with Founders

Services for agel investors
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for Founders

What do you look for in a start-up?

​There is no concrete hierarchy of features that we watch out for. In general, it is the whole narrative of the start-up which is backed up with facts. This narrative must tell us why they are different and how they will succeed in the future if they receive funding.

Some of these features are: Experienced and aware founders, successful and defined Proof of Concept, Revenue inflows, previous investments which have been made in the start-ups, strong strategic partnerships.

What is the sweet spot for start-ups you take under your wing?

We consider the entire business model and services offered. Preferably, your revenues should have begun, before you start raising funds. Our sweet spot is 50 lakhs to 7.5 crores INR. In rare cases, we go upto 20 crore INR.

What if I’ve applied before, or get a No?

​If we have denied working with you in the past, it is because your business may not have fulfilled the parameters we look at before collaborating. To bring principled investors on the table, we want to ensure the basics of your startup are sound. If your business fulfils the parameters at a later stage, we encourage you to reach out to us again.

How do I find out if I am eligible to apply? 

You can fill the form provided and we will notify you via email if we are the right fit to work with you.

How does your process work?

Initial deck scrutiny 

We go through the deck and the initial information that is submitted. If we think this is a space and company that fits our investment philosophy, we schedule an appointment for a first level call. 

First level call 

The first level call is with an experienced member of our team who understands the biz model, vision and mission of the company, competitive landscape etc. Once it passes this stage, they schedule a deep dive with one of the Partners.

Deep dive 

With a Partner at ESV, we start off with a session to solely get to know you and your brand, with the aim to understand and delve deep into core values and ideas that serve as a driving force. We also go in depth to understand the funding history and thought process for the way forward both in terms of business expansion and funding. 

Building funding strategy

Based on our interactions with you around funding requirements, capturing the market position, inferring the potential that your idea presents and the strength of the team that backs it, we co-create a funding strategy that works in the best interest of your venture. 

Mandate and Meetings! 

We then agree on a mandate and begin work on the services required by the venture, post signing off an NDA if required by you. If we are working with you solely on raising funds, we set up meetings for the same and present at all stages of the process, assisting and looking out for your best interests. 

Website Final-05.png
Website Final-05.png
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Website Final-06.png

for Investors

I am new to startup funding, how do I know what is a good startup and what is not?

Angel investing is a high risk high return asset class. We encourage angel investors to have complete information about the strengths and weaknesses of every startup they are considering investing in, the right questions they should be asking and doing their own home work. Having said that, we do our due diligence before taking any startup under our wing for investments.


How do I work around financial risks?

While this is a high risk and high return asset class, the best way to mitigate your risk is to spread the investment in different startups. Decide on the amount you would like to invest in a particular year and create a portfolio of investments in different startups. 


What is my role during and after the transaction?

During the transaction, your role would be to read the information statements, get your queries answered (if any), give in details and sign the relevant documents (offer letter, Share Holders Application, Agreement letter, Power of Attorney (if any)) as required. Post the transaction, once the money is paid, you will receive the share certificate for the same. Our team will coordinate with the startup or fund and will get the same organised for you. 

How many investments can an individual have active at one point of time?

There is no restriction on the number of investments one can make in private limited companies. 

How actively active will the investor be in the company’s board? (Can be accounts from our past investments)

Being on the board of directors of a company solely depends on the amount of your investment and how much time you are willing to give to the company on a regular basis. This can be worked out company to company as there is no general standard. 

What does the first month look like after the deal closes? (A little about operations after deal closure)

Normally, a round of investment can go upto  2-5 months. After your investment is made, you can normally expect the share certificate/ unit to be received in 1-3 months time. 

Can I sign up as an investor if I do not reside in India?

You can, if you have an NRE or NRO account, you can invest in Indian companies. If you do not have one then you can mail us at and we will get back to you. 

As an individual investor, do I have to upload documents every time to show I am accredited?

Once you have invested with us, we have your KYC and will send the basic documents to the companies you are interested to invest in.  It is only the documents specific to the particular startup like the SSHA and offer letters that you will have to sign and upload again. 

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