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Built as a bridge between young, growing businesses and private equity investors, we build genuine financial partnerships.

our story

Earlyseed Ventures started in 2020 as a consultancy for angel investors who wanted to expand their portfolio by investing in the new asset class: startup funding. We are now on a mission to create an ecosystem of transformational mentorship for founders on all levels; from universities to incubation centres to big-ticket fund seekers. 


Our commitment to founders is that of authentic partnership. We get into the skin of the business. Once the due diligence is complete and a startup is taken-on, we walk till the end of the path. Which is why we closely analyse parameters of entry before commencing.  

how do we work?

For startups,

Round 1

Fill the starter form and send us your pitch deck. We will then get back to you in 7-10 working days. 

Deep dive 

1:1 deep-dive session to get to know founders and brand, core values and ideas that serve as a driving force for the business. 

Building a funding strategy

We understand your funding requirements and offer to build with you a bulletproof pitch deck capturing the market position of your venture inferring the potential that your idea presents and the strength of the team that backs it. 

Mandate and Meetings! 

Once you are convinced to work with us, we agree on a mandate and start setting up meetings with aligned investors. 

For investors,


Deep dive

To learn your investment philosophy and strategy. 


Knowledge sharing

...of the startup ecosystem. Soon, we present curated startups to look at, meet and potentially invest in.

Closing the loop 

If you commit, we conduct due procedures to close the investment loop and lay the next steps for both: founders and investors. 


Sustainable partnership 

Startup investments are slow-brewing and we are here for the long haul, committed to working with you on a regular basis.

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ESV introduced me to angel investing, which I was not too aware of. The ease of participation in promising startups, the elaborate screening process and investor participation in the screening makes the process transparent and creates confidence for an informed investment decision. Monica and her team are always available to provide additional information/clarification that one may need.



Angel Investor

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