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We have a soft corner for people and projects that make genuine social and environmental impact in the world. 

Good intentions and consistent action, we support an equal blend of both


Through the esvIMPACT Network, we are supporting beneficial social and environmental outcomes. We collaborate with investors who closely look at financial returns on their investments or solely invest for a beneficial social and environmental outcome. 

Earlyseed Ventures is building its impact vertical step-by-step. We want to partner with funds on a global level by understanding their investment parameters. For companies that want to channel their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for genuine work, we are open to working with you as well. 

Our larger aim is to understand funding parameters and guide social-impact startups/initiatives in need of financing, accordingly. What do impact investors want? What areas are they looking out for? 

If you are a social-impact startup/initiative OR you want to fund a credible social-impact startup/initiative, reach out to us.

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